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Inclusive Thinking for BAs and PMs

IIBA | Toronto, Ontario | February 20 2019

Accessibility bugs have long been thorns in the development team's side since accessibility testing traditionally only took place as an afterthought near the end of the product life cycle. However, inclusive thinking really starts long before the first wireframe is sketched out or a single line of code is ever written.


Business Analysts have traditionally been trained to emphasize Business and Enterprise Change; however, the focus has changed from ‘Deliverables’ to ‘Customer Collaboration and User Experience’ with the introduction of Agile Methodologies. BAs and Product Managers need to be user-centric to build great products, but they often stop short and focus only on generic use cases.


This interactive talk will provide examples of how business analysts, and product owners can incorporate inclusive thinking into their existing toolkit (e.g. diverse personas, user stories) and start designing usable experiences that reduce the impact on the development team's velocity.

Slide from presentation, showing accessibility acceptance criteria


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