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Password available for consulting case studies on request

A heat map showing the sentiments of software engineers across metrics such as Engagement, Work Life Balance, etc.
UX Strategy

Designing Employee Experience

Advised executive-level decision makers and HR partners on workplace engagement strategies and co-created quarterly roadmaps using data-driven research and insights.

Printout of a project timeline showing the key milestones
Change Management

Organizational Structure Tuning

Transformed our client’s organizational structure using design thinking, the Power Platform, and phased change management across 24 countries

Elderly women with visual impairments using the PRESTO website on a laptop
Program Management


Digital Accessibility at PRESTO

Initiatives to ensure our web and mobile websites are inclusive and conform to at least WCAG 2.0 Level AA success criteria

Screenshot from the Parent TrApp Prototype and a printout of the report


Prototyped a casual game which used various feedback mechanisms and intrinsic rewards to help young couples maintain the Equally Shared Parenting lifestyle

Hand holding a credit card in front of the subway
Responsive Web Design


Credit Card Travel

Full case study coming soon!

Laptop on a serene desk space at home showing a departmental site built on Sharepoint
Product Management

Employee-Centered Digital Community Spaces

Built an internal corporate culture of open communication and knowledge-sharing through Teams and Sharepoint modernization

PRESTO Vouchers Portal Login Screen
Product Management


PRESTO Vouchers

Launched a B2B portal after refreshing outdated requirements and designs, as part of the transformation strategy for the distribution and enrollment process of Transit Cards

Ethnographic research displayed on board including lots of post-it notes
UX Research

Live Action Roleplaying Game Masters

​Used rapid contextual design to prototype a web-based information management system and streamlined the planning experience for LARP game masters

TTC Metropass transitioning into the PRESTO card
Product Management


Bringing the TTC Metropass to PRESTO

Full case study coming soon!

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